Our Legacy

Trust and Purity

We bring you a legacy of trust and purity. With over 100 years of perfection, Tibarumals was established by Sri Tibarumal Gupta in 1920, hailing from the city of nizams, & his eye for excellence, with a craving to propel the polished methodology and morals of the jewels. The jewels that personify the great Indian beauty. Since then, we continue to cherish the importance of heritage, style and innovation. An objective that inspires us to provide you with nothing, but the best. A legacy of the finest handcrafted pieces, made with love. We are Tibarumal & Sons at Charminar.

Trust. That is Tibarumal & Sons at Charminar. We believe that trust comes within, and so does the beauty. We strive to curate the jewels that speak of trust. The gold, as pure as a mother’s love. The gems, as pious as a grandmother’s blessing. The designs, as unique as the modern Indian woman. We are not just another jeweller, we are what a woman deserves.

Purity. That is Tibarumal & Sons at Charminar. With keen attention to detail and understanding a woman’s desire for seeking a design that has international sensibility yet the traditional ethos.

Tibarumal & Sons under the leadership of Sandeep Gupta brings to you the vibrant, magic and romance of Hyderabad’s timeless treasure all under one roof. It offers you an entire gamut of precious gemstones of different cuts. Delicate motifs of emerald, ruby, and sapphire set in gold.
Jewellery studded with diamonds, uncut diamonds, kundan & meena, all set in classical patterns. Tibarumal & Sons exclusive collection of Bridal Jewellery leaves you spell bound with their fineness and grandeur. Each jewel at Tibarumal & Sons is a masterpiece, an outcome of the skill and passion of Sandeep Gupta and his designers & craftsmen. He has made sure that each masterpiece at Tibarumal & Sons carries the guarantee of genuineness and absolute satisfaction. We are here to interpret a woman’s desire and to transmit them in code. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

We just don’t make jewels, we make the ornaments of personality, and each of them portrays a trait of that personality.
Sandeep Gupta (MD)